Gather meaningful customer feedback in seconds.

FeedbackApp is a simple, yet powerful tool that helps you gather customer feedback from your website or project effortlessly. Target users, and understand your customers better to make great data-driven decisions.

Stop Critical Issues Quickly.

Gather feedback from your users, and understand their pain points before they become public facing criticisms, all while fueling growth and customer satisfaction.

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The Data You Need

Dive into the feedback you've received, and drill down based on customer segments, and more.

  • Automatic and manual tagging, to help make navigating your feedback easier.
  • Customer profiles, so you can see the full picture
  • Platform and device filtering - find platform specific issues.
  • Search across feedback, fast and with filters.

The Right Questions for the Right People

Create and manage surveys, and target the right audience to gather the feedback you need to make informed decisions.

  • Page Targeting, go granular, or ask the same question across your site.
  • Device Targeting, only want feedback from mobile users? Done.
  • Authentication Segmenting, different states, different questions.
  • Javascript API, call up questions programmatically
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Deep Dive

AI Analysis

Easily analysis feedback with AI-powered sentiment analysis, and get actionable insights to improve your product.

  • GPT-4 Powered, the latest OpenAI model
  • Sentiment Analysis, extract actionable data from comments
  • Overview Description, summarise thousands of feedback items into highlights.
  • Critical Issue Monitoring, sudden surge in the same issues reporting? Get alerted.

Feedback Wall

Embed a wall just like this on your website to showcase your feedback, and increase your conversions.
Show feedback from hours ago, and remain in control of what's displayed.

Pricing Plans

Explore flexible pricing that scales with your needs. No hidden fees, just transparent options for your success.


£0 /month

Get started with our free plan, and gather feedback from your customers with ease.

  • 1 Project
  • 50 Responses Per Month
  • Limited Integrations


Best Offer


Unlock advanced features and gather feedback effortlessly with our premium plan.

  • Up to 5 Projects
  • 2500 Responses Per Month
  • Use all Integrations
  • 99.9% Support Response Time


Have a question? Check out our frequently asked questions to learn more.

How do I add the feedback form to my website?

It's super simple! Just copy and paste a single line of code into the "head" section of your site. If coding isn't your jam, no stress! Reach out to us and we'll install it for you. It's a quick task that'll be done in no time.

What targeting options do you offer?

You can target based on page, referrer, device, logged in status, and more. We offer a range of options to help you gather feedback from the right audience.

Do you require a card to sign up?

No, we don't require a card to sign up. You can start with our free plan, and upgrade to a paid plan when you're ready.

Does it work on Wix/Shopify/Wordpress?

Yes, any website that allows you to add custom code will work with our feedback form.

How does the AI analysis work?

Our AI analysis uses GPT-4 to analyze feedback and provide actionable insights. We send batches of feedback to the AI, and it returns a summary of the feedback, sentiment analysis, and more.